Issue 14 • 2011



Seven Poems


by Hugh Tribbey








permanent majority wished she in same sit tried

from taken bomb of point

to leg the brooding

like this disgusts speaking you

we monks people controlling the old he cognate

read felt me which whole in doorways

which reasonably hoard my eradication

taking is ninety militancy that god of listening

your our to with out he on the miser’s option

their can’t question on and passions these of liver

tempted play the over madness

find lets men pillows happy

because heaven shall husband entanglement

far of them I paper here strange

to never breathe the volume lacking old friends










strange entanglement a majority in

of wished when you sit taking is

and shall innocent a hoard

let’s can’t speaking because me controlling permanent    tempted miseries

this I read our same old doorway

here like the pillows

which he bombs the happy liver question

whole on she plays out with volume friends

lacking breath never of brooding eradication

felt from passions of my option out

militancy point on indeed

the he we over madness

Seurat tried these on god

of is had to heaven of men

that leg far ninety cognate

their I monks other people

in old find listening










poor take by hand not very hears

or the brown slice in door numbers

whose blazing in large sockets

turns upon England time of moral granite

for water school then new space night

the pushed for without and pulled bus

up die impatience on a sound qualification

that light and burn page

that immortality his road country his names

other along she rounds world










a father in complexity reviewed

being petty men stuffy really

inevitable metaphysic of tasks

element torso its contortions share carton bureaucratic    cream

may annoying and seedy

of these itch the I sharp

civilization novels reduce his older pinching

sweet full figures glossy silence

and chance host rulers texts a maddening natural of

total Progress ice

condition history what










merchants ran intellectual green hair

boss’s grits is boredom

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the man all old cannot news awareness

unemployed use antelopes for playground cup subtle

red nerves embarrassment is fascist white

in we house our do the remember

why his is without up school friends spokes

hailed grabs limbs from ax

flag of silk kills your crank between liquid

house our why without grits

in the flows for boredom your playground is

with cup enjoy ax the old hair flag intellectual spokes

antelopes nerves foul from grabs awareness hailed of
    ran to crank

between remember embarrassment limb subtle

not green in white silk for fascist all

wife kills merchants up liquid is the school’s bosses

we use lotion do news

the you friends his red unemployed an only can










hirsuta gorilla

chicks ageisms

makeshift intimate Masonic

punctures honey sweaty

reserves smeared freethinkers

clean stationed failing

swallow posit

cooked exile broke

dives mad










berries channeled

conversant stringent winning

magic whistled doubling

number slumber uncurl bluffing

rippled eliminated

citizen machine rhythmically

swollen humanoid holograph

offing obnoxious mounted

turf werewolves

haggard sparkle

equalize treacherous baited












Hugh Tribbey is the author of five collections of poetry: Finish Your Sentence, Juvjula Detours, Asteroid, Waitinale Glasses and Mime Box.  He holds a Ph.D. in Practical Poetics and Contemporary Literature from Oklahoma State University and teaches literature and creative writing at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.