Issue 14 • 2011



The Field of Animal Attraction


by Francis Raven





The head of state opened fire on the city.

April is not mine.


Oh this is a legal battle

In which we sternly expressed concern


About the need to keep the team intact.

Unfortunately, I was one of the words of his enemies.


The war is worse soon.

Oh!  If I am really pleased with this life.


The kidnapping of patients, the slave who wants to be.

Forget about your good!  Divine interest, but a half of life.


Double capacity, according to earlier rumors, is spreading

Through the world’s animals, for example.


A flower is God’s ability to meet expectations.

Thank you for your business, such as rape.


Oh!  I slid into the air.

But the secret is under the hood.


Oh!  Prince, my colors, the fear and concern in insist upon.

Dada and the stupid injuries are not a game.


My father was one of the stars.

Therefore, I have a reduced need to prevent the loss of life.


The decision is nonsense!

All doors continue to wait for the keeper.


Her father, oh, wait a minute, HE is important!

Now my pain.  But I hope to help all the prisoners.


Oh, God!  I saw the light of the most hated!

Without a horse or even a life!


A brave adventurer is successful.

But the heart is ashamed.


However, it should be destroyed.

What kind of contraction, will explain how you wasted your life?


I feel despair when sitting.

I’m just an error as is the land of my father.


Purple roses are close to me when I am about to be harmed.

I can smell the difference.


Hearts do not have the time to celebrate labor.

Though the rate of the negative camp constantly falls.


I’m great!

I’m so new and modern!


I’m embarrassed to raise children!

Mine is the explosion of a bad wolf.


The ban was in heaven!

Learn about the curse!


If the dove receives a complaint he must

Instantaneously remove extraneous services.


Love, love, and for victims of the ladder.

Land and pick a horse.  Greetings!


I do not see is a gift of love.

Do not move your head.


You can send sympathy.

Maybe I’m missing something.


Where can I find the appropriate temperature?

I do not have the country removed.


We are all beings should be allowed.

I shot at the world’s largest ice sculpture and lost.


This is an important to visit.

You just cannot depend on tigers.


Local legends are available.

Earth is an example of internal mass.


We are all within.

I even used my hands to get there.


Wavelength and the threat of life, effective policies.

We decided the Bunny was our king.


Though the cold sea-rescue team is quite a scene.

We could do with about a quarter of the drugs.


Trophies will be accepted on the way to the

Gala studded war (bleeding at the altar).


Such a review is not evil.

Check the walls of the dark deleted devil.


How embarrassing, Daedalus

Anonymously designed it himself.


What is the position of the wall?

I’m so tired of energy.


He appealed against the violation of the speed brake lines.

The results of the women I have loved it.









Francis Raven’s books include Provisions (Interbirth, 2009), 5-Haifun: Of Being Divisible (Blue Lion Books, 2008), Shifting the Question More Complicated (Otoliths, 2007), Taste: Gastronomic Poems (Blazevox, 2005) and the novel, Inverted Curvatures (Spuyten Duyvil, 2005).  Francis is online at