Issue 14 • 2011



Two Poems


by Dawn Pendergast






we worry weary on the wire / pair of owls glasses
hapless arbitrators / already pumpy feathers / hell / have me
your claw and I will sip it / punch play like airy other night/ we
fowl respectively crepuscular / it swoll tonight tints as
bursts an aureole around the city / it was, it was /
bombing blue stung was no one on the street /me old shawl
wash rag let fly parallelisms / impotent containers my headphones
on to be reached / thinking we pair we gold no’s grow no
word up / whirled / Navajos called them chiindii / we /
cusp of tea /x’s in cognizance




The Swan of Elegance

(affluent muttering halo.) hello
swan. it scissors in, blasting
that, spit, twit, error / flanked by pterodactyls, picnic tables,
Trumpeteer, cover me with lichen. you cover me.
imp ire
bread island
sorry story, diminutive spaghetti
my ears are anointed orange they are lima beans, puddles
puddles in my gutters
telling me every time, every evening even
when the dirt is cool, bland,
I’m shaking. this
is a gumball tree.






Dawn Pendergast lives in Houston, Texas.  She’s written two micro-chapbooks:  Off Flaw (Dusie Collective) and Mexico City (Macaw Macaw Press).  More of her writing can be found on her website,