Issue 14 • 2011



from Telegraphic Transcriptions


by Stephen Emmerson





                              got boy good

                                                    any weapons yet


                                I a a hlw ma a a dspt t re in m gd or une


it feels like this because they said WHAT


                                                               turnt teli off will ya


                          shut fuck up & C

                                  atmosphere is wrong phone numbers


                                                                         not quite immoral,


                                                                      grieve, grope for  it,



wasnt this originally published in the 80s?

                                                     First line straight out of KAYES


                                                                   sequence paedo fist


                                                                    connect 4  counters




                                                                           now accepted


                                                                      soft skin


but kind as what end is or

is it? Is end is plug kind as what

soap confess pilfer


                             and end cage second

                              is practice out of



with minute scalpel      idle     no


           guilt that one      folic acid deficient




find icon  duck


     favicon  switch



                   shut sky door





shattered once multiplied footprint


crime scene where chip shop Janet has cum filled

                                                                                death hole




                              it happens this way


                                      in the “MOVIES”


    chemical channels blocked. transmissions not permitted on

any frequency. cellular destruction, protein breakdown. LED activated

mercury vapour. my clicking ghost afterburner. report that in clean

conscience. files uploaded onto national database. Hearts on stale

                                                                        bread remain vacant.



9DcAU WARNING: Failed to change download properties



exchange irrelevant telephone. dead sailor airwaves Atlantic crossing.

breakdown into intoxicant bombardment. mediatic blitz-mirror severing

chords. produce your documents. hand over your papers.



The faces you told to be hot coals.

      Not linger in up basalt. But it lights on

  water (press-played)  as relegated symptoms.

Why walk. Win when you can sit. Solid as

 asking. A buttercup in your throat.  Where

   we go is all bacteria. Backsliding on an hours

      length of hair. Exodus of all the maps. Chronology

          less implicit than war. Skirts aimless on a matchstick



                          Terminal cross hatchings are almost that

memory. A shard of what’s been eaten.





              separation of first and last name. punch

     yourself into 3rd person.  take your cross-hairs

and blame the chameleons. it is broken in so

    many ways.  advance. no more books. the pages

  are trapped. they are nerves squatting on rusty parasols.



re-go to hypnotics.


                          benzodiazepine fruit loop.



                         transient insomnia may occur if micro sift through


                  filthy tubas



                                                              hi-jinks t-shirts MAOI.




                                                       but Sally Anne Fee doesn’t

           want to have your children.



                                   Nitrazepam. 5 mg.




losing away fall parasites


                       empty twin




                                          evasion severance


                                           crystal goat magnetism





sweet breads

blinking tingle



                        chrome levers numb

                        as the minds interior



it wernt me that were

tryne to run you over



                                   pressure to succeed

                                   under pressure




anti freeze moment feats of haemoglobin,

star-church fire in inlays. north. face it backslashed

to inevitable heights not crossed out of fiction. Just.

Yet. Just. Yet. Haloparadol super 8 squiggle. Floaters.

Eyes cauterised hock shop after intermittent phrases.

Perpendicular enamel of ghost door out of clean

hindsight, flummoxed and early dazed.  arraigned king

of white soup, sweet meat embezzled un der cardy.

Malt, Dexedrine, and weevils.





Now scoop up

your shit and

fuck off. All

glittering like

cody spare

change enigma

balls in the dark.

taken more

than the


dosage. Induce

vomit tickle display

team and counting.

tea bag morning

tannin cloud erased

by corduroy mistake

pants. red raw leaking

thrush glimmer.




from now on refer to him as Diane. Newspapers

are now called Carlos Putty at room temperature.

Bucks fizz is known as auto-asphyxiation template.

                                              re-brand pharmacies.








Stephen Emmerson lives in the North of England and has appeared in Jacket, Great Works, Cake, Poetry Salzburg Review, nthposition, FREAKLUNG, SPINE, Half Circle and The Red Ceilings.  He is the author of X (Arthur Shilling Press, 2009), Chimera (Erbacce, 2010), Attack of the Gas Powered Angels (KF&S, 2010) and Poems Found At the Scene of a Murder (ZimZalla, 2010).  No Ideas But In Things, with Chris Stephenson, is coming soon from Arthur Shilling Press.