Issue 14 • 2011



Pale Nouns


by Joel Chace






nouns              pale disposable irreverent true almost


besides those distant barely visible points              could


trip on leap over              forest-full luxurious ants


en attendant the likeness              goodness’s cusp pulsing


lights              fantastically green streets loose undulant laces

every self-help book remaindered              thief in a neon glow







romance without finance name of this tune              you got to


regulate your intake sugar              and the baby


on the monkey’s back              ash settles its accounts one sash


after another flung shut              daughters sons dragged into dying


parlors            oh bay-water glint fields of wild carrot silk
oh deepest azure lost changes              dizzying crows







all there can be no consolations              camera  borne


beneath the surface              numbers could be 11’s


5’s or 17’s              before nestling the mouthpiece on lips


staring right into a wall              melodic lines that never


give up              previous sentence the one that matters most

taken off-page dissolving like music              in air







kiosks benches              shush of surf beyond a stretch of mist

dying with a fan on               and thinking he could walk up walls

Banquo’s banquet how things are              in Glockomorrah

Gomorrah glockenspiel              timing of traffic lights along

avenues deli windows obelisks              slanting rain

who sets it and remembers reds ambers              greens







Joel Chace has published poetry and prose poetry in print and electronic magazines such as 6ix, Tomorrow, Lost and Found Times, Coracle, xStream, and Jacket.  He has published more than a dozen print and electronic collections.  BlazeVox Books published his CLEANING THE MIRROR: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS, and from Paper Kite Press is MATTER NO MATTER, another full-length collection.  Recently out from Country Valley Press is SCAFFOLD, the first part of an ongoing poetic sequence, “(b)its,” from Meritage Press, and A SCRIPT, from Otoliths Books.  For many years he has been poetry editor for the experimental electronic magazine, 5_Trope.