13 · 2010



from Lost Parkour Ps (alm) s *


  by Laynie Browne






Ps(alm) for Conspirators



Conspirators awaken


on their pages, in cabinets


and fences, in states of such


I have never seen


Or states I have loved


as dearly as delirium



They key or call variously


Where I am taut they flag



Without such pulleys, levers


trance and delicate nets


I am lost







Ps(alm) for Emptiness



Emptiness is capitulation


a catapult pulled


Insistence isn’t an argument


for augury


here, ruby page ends







Ps(alm) for the Devout



Spirit practice


Try making dinner


Be less tired when someone else is


Patience is not a clock


Listen paradox,


you speak through your eyes


Not those eyes


Forehead touches earth







Ps(alm) for a Name



Invocation of intonation



Each time is essential and



Each voice through this essential prism



is also your voice







Ps(alm) for Honest Sadness



   1.    Moving away from the universe as I know it, meaning not

               coming home, as in what is a home? 


   2.    I’ve been disappointed by a mortal. 


   3.    Unimaginable the way presence may change you.  And


   4.    You live so far away. 


   5.    And you, I won’t even speak of you. 







Ps(alm) for Hermione



Egyptian memory dabbed


on her neck


rumored burial of cove


plucking breeze of rose


gossamer elixir







Ps(alm) for Lament



One day cannot replace another







Ps(alm) for Disintegration



Sitting on the bare ground


Overture in the wrong theater


which days are you spilling?


Heedlessly mechanical bells


Strip mining correlations not


meeting a gaze—Do you live in a


building?  Rubble rock surrounds me


Inscribed in a palm in fire


still I do not see it


The space is prepared not because


you seek a dwelling but because we can


coax ourselves in no other way except


in the sculpting of blankness







Ps(alm) in a Foreign Language



Jades is “J” my souvenir well

Vying festoon or

Sacrament tour of the heart


A tout with vines consulting

beauty of mesh genomics, armor or

Trove as injury


O sorcerers, o miser, o heroine

this voyage of moon treasons a confit

Your taut joint entanglers of fate







Ps(alm) in an Airless Room



In an airless, airless, airless room


Why are we using “their” definition of



What is monument?  Monumental?









* Parkour, or, l’art du déplacement (the art of displacement), is an activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible.  It assists in overcoming obstacles and experiencing freedom.  There is no list of “appropriate moves” and it is not a sport but a mental and physical discipline.  As a method of ambulation parkour makes an apt metaphor for spiritual practice.  Psalms are commonly associated with “praise.”  However the book of psalms contains a great range in tone, content, form and manner of address, leaping as would a traceur.  Lost Parkour Ps (alm) s explores the question, what is the ps (alm) now, as a poetic form? 








Laynie Browne is the author of seven collections of poetry, most recently The Scented Fox (National Poetry Series winner, selected by Alice Notley, Wave Books 2007) and Daily Sonnets (Counterpath 2007).  Excerpts from Lost Parkour Ps (alm) s appear or are forthcoming in the following publications: Boog City, Coconut, ElevenEleven, English Language Notes, Laurel Review, Shampoo, Sonora Review, and Upstairs at Duroc. 

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