E·ratio 11 · 2008



E·ratio 11 · 2008




Two Poems


  by David Rushmer





Hidden By Leaves



the last line                 

                  spoke of this life

“floating                  a dream that vanishes

         lift their eyes

                  carry them to

                           all directions

         on a journey

         he grasps at

         the air

                  there is an attempt

                  that which remains unsaid

                                                      words are



                           stand out against the snow

         accidental, of the beautiful                          

                  disappears in mirrors

to further place and time

                           so often attains

                                    the eternal

                           and the movement

of our feelings

         and elsewhere in the world

to write

         the only

                  root                  If we



         of those who remain

to reflect


                  the location of the grave

                  with almost pleasurable expectation

                  to move

to the next world

                  these preparations


         the dying, allowing


                           a collection

                                    the essence of all things


to the world beyond

         death or the house of its relatives

         merges into


who calls the dead

                                             in midsummer

         to their place of birth

                           it is said

         effigies, or

bodies of water

a force superior

                           for his most private thoughts

                           hidden by leaves

the boundaries of this world.






Written Off





following sentence

beneath furnished experience

writing the destruction of voice


every point                    neutral


oblique space slips away identity

the body writing doubt

no longer acting outside itself


voice origin                   enters death


consciousness centred on his passions

as if the end transparent

point language to the place


leading activity

to pure himself

fragment of the movement being

disappointment entrusting the hand

the principle experience itself


an empty process to be filled

an emptiness outside to exhaust it

an act of writing utterly

transforms the absent


divided lives work simultaneously

in no way a being         there is no other
time eternally an operation of rare form

no other act is uttered






I sing having buried the pathetic hand

passion and necessity

the hand cut off

a field releasing a space


tissue drawn

from the centres of eternal gesture

never to rest himself

the interior to translate the dead

the passion draws tissue

of deferred multiplicity


the thread and the space not pierced

evaporates a system of literature

liberates its source


nature woven           this perpetual duplicity


drawn from       and entering into one place


focused hitherto the space inscribed

holds together a trace it sets aside

writing the birth of death.





Works by David Rushmer have appeared in a number of journals including Angel Exhaust, Great Works, Moria and 10th Muse.  Recordings of his works are now featured online at Archive of the Now.  His most recent pamphlets are The Family of Ghosts (Arehouse Press, Cambridge, 2005), and Blanchot’s Ghost (Oystercatcher Press, 2008).  Sources for the poems are: for “Written Off,” The Death of The Author by Roland Barthes, and for “Hidden by Leaves,” the introduction to Japanese Death Poems by Yoel Hoffman.

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