E·ratio Issue 10



Gathering South Asia Through Our Eyes

for Maggie


by Mary Ann Sullivan






Of water won and wonder woo

And water lost and arbor under

Sat and yellow pink and yellow

seat and granite bench and there

we sat


Ever long the last and last


Walks and through and arch and long

The arms and robes of Muslims

forward walk and

Wind and blown

We talked


And sat and yellow pink and yellow

seat and granite bench and there

we sat


the scarfs of Pakistani men were long

and on the shoulder down

and robes of Islam longer


the women Pakistani soft

and gentle tender

south and south of Asia


for once and first Kashmiris known


and gather motion gather words

through eye and eye and

pulled in mind and held

in mind like camera

’neath an arbor


with gathered under

pink and pink and yellow

share and share


and rides and car and parked on brick

for mom, and mum, and mom

and green


Gathering south Asia through our eyes

Gathering pink and pink and pink

with dearest, dearest pink.


And sprinkling down south Asia

piece and piece and gently falling

Piece of dearest pink and pink and yellow






copyright © 2008 Mary Ann Sullivan


Mary Ann Sullivan is a Doctor of Arts student at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire.  Her first novel, Child of War, set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was named a Notable Book in Social Studies and favorably reviewed in The New York Times.   Her poetry has appeared online at The BBC's Arts Poetry Out Loud. 


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