E·ratio Issue 10

from Fiend Folio


by Chris McCreary




Screaming Trees




We suppose

the roses & suppose the stone,


the stammer,

the stare, the I swear I bleed


these dead words in need of tether.

I cut construction paper stars


then sketch an ape,

clearly limping,


his mouthful of feathers

all dusted in blood.





Venture forth from the porch

& risk deflower &


a fever of teeth all about

the neck.  I am all ink


until my elbows itch.  You favor

porcelain kitties & quicktime


hipsters.   You’re a long time gone.

You were never really there.








Tiny Vikings break Jane Austen.


They play grab-

ass in class, crash their dad’s Stratus


on the weekends.  They

come together


in clusters to imagine our overthrow,

gossip about our bad


breath.   They creep into our beds

as we sleep, gut us


w/ hunting knives, curl up to nap

wrapped in bloodied sheets. 






copyright © 2008 Chris McCreary


Chris McCreary is co-editor of ixnay press and the author of the books Dismembers and The Effacements.  He lives in Philadelphia. 

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